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Dr. William Boothe
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Dr. William Boothe Blog Article

Photokeratitis "Sunburn" of the cornea; symptoms include discomfort, blurred vision, and light sensitivity. The temporary vision loss that can result is called "snow blindness."

Prism In optics, a lens that can have precise geometric configurations enabling light to be bent or reflected in certain ways. A prism also can split white light into different wave lengths and colors.(15 October 2007 - Blog article Dr. William Boothe )

Lead poisoning Condition resulting from excessive levels of lead in the body. Typically, children get lead poisoning from chewing or sucking on lead paint in older homes (lead paint was banned in the 70s). Some people remain symptom-free, but others may suffer convulsions, paralysis, learning difficulties or abdominal and other pain. Some people can also develop vision loss.

Environmental condition Air pollution, wind and bright light can irritate your eyes and cause symptoms such as burning, dryness and tearing.

Burn: Damage to the skin or other body parts caused by extreme heat, flame, contact with heated objects, or chemicals. Burn depth is generally categorized as first, second, or third degree. The treatment of burns depends on the depth, area, and location of the burn, as well as additional factors, such as material that may be burned onto or into the skin. Treatment options range from simply applying a cold pack to emergency treatment to skin grafts.

Mucus: A thick slippery fluid produced by the membranes lining certain organs such as the nose, mouth, throat, and vagina. Mucus is the Latin word for "a semifluid, slimy discharge from the nose." Note that mucus is a noun while the adjective is mucous.Dr. Boothe

Epiretinal membrane Thin layer of scar tissue on the retina; also called a macular pucker. Epiretinal membranes have a variety of causes, including vitreous detachment, but the cause is often unknown. In its early stages, an epiretinal membrane is often asymptomatic, but some people have blurred vision. You may also develop metamorphopsia.

Rebound: Return of the original symptoms when maneuvers or treatment is discontinued. (17 January 2008 Dr. William Boothe )

Dr. Boothe article

Rosacea Skin condition typically involving the face that is characterized by flushing, red bumps and telangiectasia (dilated, visible capillaries); it is most common among fair-skinned women, who develop it in their 30s through 50s.

Argyll Robertson pupil Small, irregular pupil, usually caused by syphilis. Argyll Robertson pupils do not respond to light.( 18 January 2010 Online press Dr. Boothe )

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